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Diamond pattern in sidewall cedar shakes

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Anybody know of a web site or magazine that gives instructions on how to make a decorative diamond pattern on a sidewall with wood shakes.  This is my first post on this site and I have also posted this on the JLC. any help would be great.

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Just cut points on the butts, and offset each course half a shingle's width.

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Thanks , that is what I thought but it seemed to easy.

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I posted this same question about 6 months ago. Mike Smith had a photo of a diamond he did that was very clear and made it easy to see how you'd lay the shingles up correctly. You need to either buy or make the diamond shingles. They are all the same width, and the 'height' or 'length' of the diamond is exactly equal to one course. A nice opportunity to make a jig for the tablesaw and mill up a bunch of shingles.

You start the pattern by installing a single diamond shingle over the top of a standard course, with its point/tip aligned with the bottom of that course. Then you install two diamond shingles in the next course, split equally over the first one. You will need to rip standard shingles to width so that they start and stop at the diamond pattern, i.e. the placement of the diamonds is not dependent on the course as it comes along the wall, but rather the opposite. I would lay up the diamond(s) in a given course, and then proceed to the left and right with standard shingles in that same course.

Do I have it right, Mike? I never did this because I settled on a ribbon course patten for my sidewalls and decided that a diamond would be either difficult, impossible, or goofy looking in that context.

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Check the "Gallery" section, I dont recall his name but there is someone else on here who does some very good wood shake designs.


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Roger Dumas

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Thanks, I was going through the old pictures trying to find some of his stuff.

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Mike Guertin also wrote an article in FHB about creative designs with shingles.  Five years ago?  Not sure when.  He demonstrated his technique at the JLC Live show.  Something about tapered shingles, I think.

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Start with realizing that this is done with cedar shingles and not with shakes.


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Hey now, that'd be a challenge.