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Drywall over brick

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What is the best way to hang drywall over brick? Furring strips or attaching directly to brick?

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If you want to make it so there's no way to remove it cosmetically and bring back the brick look? or you can't spare the room for the furring.

PL Premium adhesive.

Not in a squiggly pattern on the brick, but rather blobs a couple inches in dia. and an inch deep.  At morter joints if smooth brick.  Every 16 to 24 inches in the field, 8-10 on the seams.

Shim bottom of board and use spreaders or bracing to hold in position.

You'll need to glue trim.

Never tried it in this application, but-you could investigate the possibility of gluing the board using blobs of Durabond.  It sticks to the paper on drywall real good, and is tenacious to scrape off concrete.


Furring if you think someone might like to see the brick someday and you don't mind losing the thickness of the furring.  If the furring will fasten well, it should hold forever.  You also have wood to fasten trim to.

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