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Drywall taping question

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When is a room too cold to tape drywall with good results?  I am finishing an unheated addition in Minnesota.  The heat (ceiling hung lp forced air) will be installed in about 2 - 3 weeks and I am anxious to get started taping the drywall.  The addition is insulated with a concrete floor (future woodshop) but no heat.  I assume it is not feasible to start taping but would be interested in any advice the members of this forum could provide.  Are there any brands of compound which would make this possible?

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Standard drywall mud doesn't (post #207405, reply #1 of 2)

Standard drywall mud doesn't need heat to set, but it does need relatively low humidity -- unlike, say, latex paint, mud DOES "dry" rather than "set".

In theory, any temp's OK so long as it's above freezing, but the colder it is the slower the mud will dry and the more susceptable it will be to damage/sag/whatever while drying.

Contractors will typically use torpedo heaters if they can't get the regular heat going, to facilitate mudding in winter.  But unfortunately unvented heaters put out a lot of water, so it's a mixed deal.

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