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dutch roof rafter angle

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This question comes from Larry Haun's article Framing a Dutch Roof in FH.

Been playing around with building a back yard retreat. When I saw a Japanese Iriyama roof I knew I wanted to build in that style. Took a while til I found that it was similar to the Dutch Roof design. Its really a hip roof where extending the length of the gable portion slices off that share from the fat part of the hip.Thus lowering the meeting point where you put the Dutch ridge I have two questions. The practical one has to do with the angle that you cut the rafter to meet the dutch ridge. Does that angle remain the same no matter how short you make it?

Second and for now just theoretical.Does the angle of the hip rrafter have to be at a 45 deg angle.


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yes, the intersecting angles remaind the smae as long as the roof is straight runs. Run the his to the ridge.  Run your ridge long to establish the line of your Dutch part and then use comon raftering back down to the hips

>Does the angle of the hip rafter have to be at a 45 deg angle.<
Yes, on a roof with 90° corners and equal pitched roofs intersecting, the hips/valleys will have a plumb cut of 45°.  

Dutch Roof Framing Angles (post #207439, reply #2 of 2)


I could try to help answer dutch roof rafter framing questions at The Digital Jobsite blog here at if you still have questions after reading other responses to your questions.  There is some related information on off angle hip framing in this post: which might help answer the part about 45 degree hips.


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