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Exterior Porch Floor Over Basement

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I have a 1920's colonial with a front porch over a full basement. Several years ago I installed a new tongue and groove pine wood floor over the old floor. Unfortunetly the new floor is buckling and heaving and water is leaking into the basement. At this point I expect to have to do a complete tear off of both the old and new floors. What is the best proceedure for installing an exterior water tight floor over the basement?



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One of my cousins had the same design...IMHO, it's a really bad architectural detail....she ended up tiling it (read up on current shower construction & expand it into the great outdoors)
One of my Moms' neighbors is doing the same on one of their never ending additons...over a garage, not a time I'm by in the daylight I'll take a peek, see how they are approaching it....
If you are determined to have wood T&G, basically you tear everything off, build a roof (has to have some pitch and a good waterproof membrane, and a place for the water to weep out), then lay sleepers (2x4 on the flat) on top of the roof and nail the flooring to that....
All-inall, not a great building system except in a pretty arid climate....