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Exterior wall using cement board??

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I'm trying to work out how to construct a exterior patio wall. I originally was going to use block / stucco. City wants a footer. There's a tree in the way that will have roots affecting the footers. While trying to find the best way I came upon the thought about using framed out cement panels. Wall has max height of 4ft. Then just installing them as a regular fence panel. No footers and apparently, no permit reqd. Would it work?



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If you preferred go the footer / cmu stucco wall, you could simply stop the footers just short of the roots on each side.  If you did this how much space would be between the footers.  If it was only a few feet, you could use a steel lintel / beam to span the distance, going over the root.  You could also use header blocks or precast conctere lintel to span the space.

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Thanks. To be honest if the panel way works it will be a lot easier for me. Block laying not my strong point. Just not sure if the city will go for it. I'll ask them if they would allow the break in the footer. Kinda new at the city zoning and permits thing.



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Do I understand that you have a patio and you want to install a wall or screen along the outside border of it?

I would think that cement board tile backer/underlayment would work for this.  But probably a better choice would be to use Hardipanels -- basically the same material as Hardiplank (fiber-cement) siding only in panel form.  The stuff is intended for exterior use, so it shouldn't raise an eyebrow with the city.

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Following the fence idea, (post #206949, reply #3 of 6)

Following the fence idea, posts will move in all directions, and I don't think the stucco can stretch that much.  I think hanging the cement board individually with expansion joint or H frame would allow for the wood frame movement.  I was thinking of using the double layer cement board to close up the crawl space under my kitchen.  Stucco seems like a good idea for a finish.

Thanks, Yes, that's what I (post #206949, reply #5 of 6)

Thanks, Yes, that's what I was going to do. Actually make 8x4 panels with columns inbetween.


I would put up plywood panels (post #206949, reply #6 of 6)

I would put up plywood panels under the cement board for structural strength.  Probably rot treated plywood would be best.  This would also help keep the posts from shifting as well as give the wall strength.