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fiber cement corner weave

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Wondering if any of you have ever tried weaving fiber cement siding on inside and outside corners. If so did it turn out well and how much of a pain in the arse was it and would you do it again. I'm a contractor using fiber cement siding on my own home and I'm looking for something a little different than a standard outside corner.

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Never did it but, since it's not tapered like wood claps, and thinner, I'm not sure it would look right.

Mike Hennessy
Pittsburgh, PA

Mike Hennessy
Pittsburgh, PA
Everything fits, until you put glue on it.

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Also, my shears work great, but the ends are definitely NOT clean enough to leave exposed. I would use trim board.

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About 1.5 years ago, someone posted here with photos of a FC weave.  It hadn't been up long so it's unclear how it did over time but the photos he posted looked nice.  I don't recall how he fastened the edges or whether he caulked.

I did my siding with FC shingles so I was interested in this but went with corner boards as others have suggested.

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I found the thread and there is a photo on #5.  You can search on the following:


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Geez, I tried to post this this morning, but must have hit the "cancel" button or something.

Anyways, I'm a cornerboard guy when I have the option but I've used those metal corners (not sure if they are alluminum or light guage steel) when trying to match the rest of the building.

Here's a photo of one job we did that way.


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Nice looking already, and it isn't even painted and caulked yet :^0


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Looking for the photo showing a corner weave on the siding using cement board.  Can you forward.  I have a similar request froma client, but have no views of it.




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So anyway, I think this has been asked a couple times before and , I believe the concensous, was that Fiber Cement doesn't hold up well by itself.

But I myself find those metal corner pieces, just fine looking. And they'll hold up over the test of time...wheras if you didn't use something like that, I would think you would be constantly caulking and touching up those ends.

I had a urging to do the same thing a few years back, on my own house and ended up using corner boards.


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