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filling stainless trim screw holes in PVC

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filling stainless trim screw holes in PVC (post #187756)

Hey , guys or gals, Wondering what you folks use to fill your nail holes in Azek/ koma/ kleer board etc. that is fast quickly sandable and flush .  also dont want something that flashes with paint ,    I use crack shot now and just wonder if anyone has found anything great yet .  Problem with crackshot is you don't want it to rain between applying it and painting . Any suggestions would be appreciated

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There was a thread on this (post #187756, reply #1 of 2)

There was a thread on this last year, but it may not be easily found.  I've put up a lot of Azek and haven't found anything I'm thrilled with.  Ideally the filling material should be:

1  Easy to place on the depression the screw makes.

2  Easy to level with the surface.

3  Easy to match the white of the Azek, Koma, etc. and shouldn't pick up dirt/dust differently than the Azek etc.

4  A one shot deal where you don't have to keep going back over it to make it look good.

The first time I used Azek, I filled the screw holes with DAP Alex plus brilliant white.  It looked o.k. initially but as I've looked at that job over the years, the DAP material picks up dust and dirt differently than the Azek and so the caulked screw holes stand out  .  . . and not in a good way.  Since then I've tried Flex made by Bond ' N Fill.  It's o.k. but doesn't level easily.  In the previous thread on this subject, there was a guy who swore by using Crayola white crayons.  You may remember the discussion because someone called him a hack for doing it etc. and it got a bit heated as I recall.  I've tried the crayon method but wasn't happy with it.  Maybe you need to soften the crayon with heat first.

The method I currently use when it absolutely has to look flawless is bondo then paint over the whole thing.  It is a major pain because you have to mix it, place it wait for it to dry, either place more where you were a bit light or sand it where you were a little to heavy, then paint the whole thing.  I use Sherwin Williams gloss white Duration.  It looks great, which it should considering all the time it takes.

On less critical areas especially high up I use the ss screws with white heads and just place them flush with the surface so you don't get the slight shadow if the head is recessed.  If anyone has a better method I'd certainly like to hear it.

Thanks for your response , (post #187756, reply #2 of 2)

Thanks for your response , yeah I always did plan on painting it with one coat of paint , the pvc companies actually recommend it , thanks again for your time 

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