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finish fo interior T & G Cedar ceiling

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What do people suggest for a finish on Cedar T&G ceiling?  Don't really want to add much color to natural cedar tone, perhaps a bit to deepen contrast between grain and knots.

Interested in durabiltiy, reducing warping (if an issue), cleaning issues down the line (will have wood burning device in room --Soot?)

Wipe on oil?  if so what?  Poly? Nothing? Stain and poly?  Matt? Satin?


thanks as always


Lately I've been using.... (post #216248, reply #1 of 3)

Penofin Verde for interior natural finish. It seems to be relatively user and environmental friendly. I like the results. Products that used to be good are either gone or completely reformulated.



Satin poly. You don't need (post #216248, reply #2 of 3)

Satin poly. You don't need anything exotic, 2 coats will seal and it will clean up nicely.

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T&g ceiling (post #216248, reply #3 of 3)

2 coats seal coat (dewaxed shellac) then 2 coats water based poly (general finishes).

shellac brings out grain and poly protects.

Get Purdue or worster camel brush for schellac and soft Bristle synthetic for poly.

willbe perfect!