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finishing basement

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In finishing my basement, I would like some recommendations on which comes first. I have 2" extruded polystyrenet panels and

Dricore subfloor panels. Should I lay the subfloor first or insulate the walls with the exp?

Dealing with any water (post #206966, reply #1 of 2)

Dealing with any water problems comes first.

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What is the finish wall?  If (post #206966, reply #2 of 2)

What is the finish wall?  If sheetrock, you want some sort of wood behind 4 edges of the drywall.  I ask because I don't know if you can frame on top of the subfloor panels.  If you were planning a 2x4 wall, can you fix the bottom plate on these panels?

But as DanH said, if you are using foam insulation and drycore panels, sounds like you have water problem.  I would take care of it first.  Standing water, even under the drycore, means a long term problem.