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Finishing Drywall around tub/shower n...

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I am in the process of remodling my bathroom. I tore down all the old plaster board and plaster. I installed the tub/shower unit, and am currently installing the drywall. How do you finish or install the drywall around the nailing flange? I've seen in apartments, where they butt the drywall up to the flange and caulk, but it doesn't look very professional to me. I would be open to any ideas to obtain a professional look, as well as making it sealed to prevent water from getting behind the rock.
Thanks for your help.

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i dont know how you are suppsed to finnish those but i have been runnig 1X2 oak or maple trim around the edge either rabbiting the rear corner or more recently i just lay it on the drywall whitch butted the flange i also polyed all six sides of the wood and bedded them in silicone as i installed them

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I ran a border of decorative tile around mine. Tiles are about 2" x 6". Not cheap though.

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I was thinking what Noe said but I would use strips of Corian.


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Tiles would be very nice, but, if the sheetrock and caulk joint are done well it looks very clean, and is inexpensive to boot...

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I always start by furring out the studs on the walls that the flange is on. Usually about 1/4 inch.Then the drywall will go on smooth and won't have a bow where the tub starts.Then tape and bed the drywall around the tub and finish off with caulk.

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We butt to the flange and our taper packs it with dura - bond and skims it out, never a call back

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We do too, cc.

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We do the same as tool shed......the furring is especially important


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In the process of doing this myself. We butted the drywall to the tub surround and needed a little smoothing out with compound. I plan to seal the joint with Silicone caulk.....unless there is some better choice out there.

The tiles and wood would be nice but if your wall is bulging a little the joints could be tough.

The good news is any slight imperfections in my seams will be hidden under the shower curtain!!!


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Tool shed is right on. That is the way its done. Apartments dont have the furring ,but its finished to the shower. One thing to add here is to use green rock. Any shower application needs it.If you dont fir it out,dont nail where it will be hollow.Only at the top and screws in the flange providing there is solid nailing.{el-cheapo way} The best way is to fir it out. Durabond would be an alternitive if the furring job was to big.{its a lot tougher than drywall}

happy mud trails , Tim

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There's a plastic edge bead we use for this, it get's stuck on after the rock is hung. It has a 1/4" or so flange that you tear off after the rock gets finished, and leaves a crevice that you caulk.