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Fire Stopping @ Head of Wall Condition

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Greetings All,

My question or problem really is regarding how to treat the head of wall condition in a wood framed, joisted masonry building at a fire rated ceiling.  The architect has specified the UL Assembly #### for the floor ceiling assembly.  Our problem has been at conditions where interior, non demising, partitions intersect the joists above.  We have been framing our wall panels on the ground and adding a ripper of 5/8" type-x sheetrock above the top plate so that we can cleanly join the ceiling to the head of wall when we come back during the sheetrock stage of the project and hang sheetrock.  Is this the best way to accomplish our task?  

We have explored:

  1. Gypgrete option but find that is too expensive.
  2. Pointing out the detail shown in the USG book, our building inspectors insist that we install blocking at the head of wall.

See this link and check page 66 of the USG book for the USG head of wall detail for a 1hr partition.


Thanks for your help in advance.