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Floor protection

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Floor protection (post #214433)

The photo shows a newly-installed hardwood floor. I now need to paint the room and install trim. I tape rosin paper to the floor, leaving just enough room on the edges for the baseboard.  In the area where I set up my tools, I lay floor blankets, cardboard, or floor mats. If I use a range of machinery I may lay down 1/4" x4x8 sheets of chip board (fairly lightweight and not prone to cup). I tape the chip board at the seams.   Notice that all of my tools are on trolleys. This allows me to easily move them "out of my way".

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Unless it's for painting only (post #214433, reply #1 of 3)

Unless it's for painting only I never use rosin paper. RamBoard is a far superior product for floor protection.

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Quit using red rosin paper yrs ago for floor protection.  When wet, can transfer red to what's underneath.

switched to heavy USG paper with 1/8" tempered Masonite over top in work areas.  Kitchens the Masonite can be moved around as the project goes on.  Cut to 32x48 makes them manageable, easy to store and fits most applications on a remodel.

Often lay drop runners and larger over top to catch crap and shake out end of day.

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Thanks for the added insights. I use rosin as a "first defense". Painting is the usual activity. Depending on the kind of activity I do (cutting...taping....door handing etc) I will lay rubber mats, 1/4" chip board, or cardboard on top. Chip board works well for me in areas of high activity, where a fallen tool might damage the floor. 

Mel Fros