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French cleat wall

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I just had an addition put on my house, and I want to put up a French cleat tool wall. It will hold mostly hand tools and racks for the hand tools. I have shelves for benchtop tools.

I've attached an image of approximately what I have in mind.

Right now there is new concrete block. My plan is 4" furring strips cut out of pressure treated plywood with some rigid insulation in the gaps. Then OSB with the French cleats attached to the OSB

What would you recommend for attaching the furring strips (and OSB) to the wall? I've been reading about Tapcons, Ramsets, PortaNailer, etc until my head is swimming. 

I only have one 28' long wall but I only want to do it once and do it correctly. I have a SDS hammer drill from Harbor Frieght. But extra points if I need to buy another tool. I can show this thread to my wife.

Attaching firring strips to concrete block wall. (post #215458, reply #1 of 1)

I've used Tapcon, 1/4", hex head screws with washers to attach many signs to concrete block walls. I like the hex head better than the Phillips because they don't cam-out. I drill the holes in the firring strips with a Forstner bit that is the same diameter as the outside dia. of the washers. This hole is only as deep as the thickness of the washer and the hex head combined. The Forstner bit leaves a center mark for the 1/4" drill bit which is then used to drill through the firring strips. Then, with the firring strip in place on the wall, acting as my template, I use a masonary bit to drill the appropriate hole for the Tapcon. The Tapcon hex head requires a 5/16ths driver bit but I bought Tapcons driver kit which allows you to drill the hole in the concrete block and drive the screws with out having to re-chuck every time. Not sure what I paid for the kit but it was probably less that $20.

For the record I haven't tried the other fasteners that you mentioned.

Hope thiis helps.