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Garage 2x4 wall is a little below grade and rotting

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 The guys did a great job answering my questions about my garage in episode #132 of the FHB podcast.  I started this weekend, opened up the first wall, and of course found a major problem.  The outside wall of the garage sits below grade by about a foot.  The sill plate is completely rotted away in the corner, and showing some serious moisture along its length.  The previous owner must have had the PT patch job put in and the recovered it with the drywall so no one would notice.

I’m planning to excavate this weekend and see what’s going on.  Maybe the newer retaining wall is part of the problem.  I can’t dig lower that the slab or else I won’t be able to pitch the pipe to drain to daylight across the driveway. 

I’m thinking dig down to slab level on the outside, use a pond liner to protect water from getting to the sill place, and place a perforated drain pipe.  Cover with landscape fabric and grave and drain the pipe through a new hole in the little retaining wall across the driveway.  Then obviously replace the sill plate with PT and maybe sister those 2x4s with PT as well.

Any other considerations?


You've got to keep the water (post #216226, reply #1 of 2)

You've got to keep the water below the floor. I'd make sure you have gutters and would lead the downspout into your preforated pipe so the water drains well away from the house.

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Replace the rotted stuff with (post #216226, reply #2 of 2)

Replace the rotted stuff with PT, use cement board for sheathing, and coat the outside with foundation coating.

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