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Garage door rough opening and framing...

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The garage doors we put in our houses are 16'x7' typically. They are aluminum sectional doors. The rough opening required by the installers is 16'x7'.
For anyone who puts in similar door, what is your concrete rough opening and how do you frame the rough opening to set up for the door install.
We usually have a 16'2" RO and use treated 1x6 garage jambs flush with the outside wall and then brickmolding to finish the outside. On the inside we butt a 2x4 to the 1x6 to finish the opening and these also serve as the track install nailers. This gives us a 16'1/2" RO.

I'm tired of the brickmold(ie caulking, priming, painting or wrapping) and would like to use 2x6 jambs instead but am not too sure on a different and/ or better system. If anybody has a different way to frame this or a reference to a diagram, I'd really appreciate hearing some suggestions. I'd like to simplify things and not use brickmolding anymore.
Jeff O.

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Most guys I've seen framing plainJane homes these days use a 2x6 to make their door jambs. The garage side edge of the 2x6 is flush with the interior wall and the outside edge hangs out 1 1/2" beyond the wall sheathing. The 2x6 gets wrapped with aluminum ( a "J" shape) and then the vinyl siding "J" buts against the back of the 2x. The garage door stop gets nailed on top of the aluminum wrap.