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garage sill on stem wall

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I'm moving on into a project bigger than the remodeling, small projects i'm used to. Building the dream garage. (dreaming I'll be done on budget)

Engineered plans for a 2 story gambrel garage call for a double 2x6 plate on top of the stem wall. One, I'll assume is the mudsill and to be p/t, but why is the second sillplate 2x6? the wall is 2x4 framing.

The foundation crew used tie down bolts, not straps, so I'm sweating the bolt height too. I'm thinking of keeping the second 2x6, but notching/drilling wide to clear bolts and nuts(and cutting the bolts down flush with the second plate.) then frame the walls using traditional 2x4 plate, tilting up the wall, nail down to the double mud sill. But that'll make total of three sill plates. Seems easier, not trying to lift a wall into place over the bolts, but strikes me as stupid to have 3 plates. simple and stupid--all at the same time.

expert opinions welcomed!

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Congrats on your project...send pics if you can.

The way I do all my garages (strapped or bolted).  I use two bottom plates.  The first sill (treated) is marked and drilled for the bolts and secured in place.  I then align the second plate over the bottom one, and give her a whack where a bolt is sticking up, making an index mark.  I then drill that mark with a  1 1/4" spade bit completely through the plate, build my wall to stand, and stand the wall on top of the already secured bottom plate (treated).  the hole drilled in the second bottom plate is big enough to move the small amount needed to be flush with the treated plate and you don't have to worry about the bolt sticking through.  Most times, I find the bolt doesn't stick up past the second plate anyway.   Just be sure that you clearly mark and nail the second bottom plate the same way you prepped the holes for....nothing pizzes a guy off more than trying to stand a wall and the holes don't match up...

not that its' ever happend to me....:)

as for the 2x4, 2x6 issue...are you sure all your walls call for 2x4 walls?  I've run into a few garages where the front and back walls are 2x6 to support more load/headers/girders or the like.  With this being a two story garage, I'm assuming (####/u/me) the second level will be spec'd for a live load, therefore needing additional load support.  Make sure you clarify that on your print, it is sometimes not clearly marked (SHOCK!).

 good luck!

"knowledge without experience is just information."  Mark Twain

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"knowledge without experience is just information."  Mark Twain