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groutless tile??

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I saw a home recently that had a stunning master bathroom.  Natural slate floors and shower (all were 4" squares)...really nice looking.

One of the things that made it so unusual and interesting, IMO, was the seamlessness of other words, the squares butted tight up to their neighbors, with no grout visible.

At the time it did not occur to me to look more closely, but... how is this done in a wet environment? 

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Clear lexel as grout, not sillycone. PITA to lay but worth it. Also set with dyed thinset so little bits of squeeze do not show as white.


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Haven't heard of lexel...what is it?

Should the slate squares have a tiny gap (say 1/64th) or be snug?

Thanks for the advice.

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Lexel is clear adhesive and is also a great caulk and sealer. 1000 time better than silicone for certain apps. Paintable, can stick to itself when cured, can be used on wet surfaces, bonds anything to anything. Funny, I cannot get it here in KY, So I JUST had some (10 tubes) sent to me from NC...8 bucks a tube, but worth it. Maybe where you are it is available..or 'google' it and you will find the manufacturer's site.

Best stuff on the planet.

edit.  just get them as close as you can..but with a bit of room for the sealant. 1/32 is fine


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