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Gutters for a mansard roof, how?

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Anyone have any suggestions on how to install gutters for a mansard roof? Good news is that the existing shingles (asphalt) are coming off cause the house needs a new roof. The current design has the shingles coming all the way down to the soffett. There is no fascia. I could add gutters and have the new shingles come down to the top of the new gutter, but I am not exactly sure how that is going to look. It probably wouldn't be too bad if the colors were closely matched. Although I am a bit sceptical when I envision a gutter sticking out all along the roof line.

I suppose I could just leave it without gutters and worry about the porch covering. Looking foreward to your suggestions.

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They make a special 2 pc "roof hanger" for that purpose.  The top piece looks like an aluminum rod with 2 holes on the roof end and threads on the other end.  The top end of the rod nails or screws through your plywood (into rafters) then bends down toward the ground.  The threaded end attaches to a hanger mounted in the gutter. 

If you are re-roofing, you could add the rods before shingling, then add a layer of wood shingles leaving a gap in the wood shingle coarse for the aluminum rod.  The purpose of the wood shingle is to eliminate the bumps formed by the rod portion of the hanger (hope that makes sense).  Then just roof as normal.

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I would flare the skirt to create a facia and possibly build the gutter in as a wood gutter which then adds the cornice detailing common on italianettes where mansards are common


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