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Hanging Heavy Bag from Floor Joists

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Hanging Heavy Bag from Floor Joists (post #214629)

I am going to be hanging a 100lb heavy bag from the basement floor joists  and am wondering what is the best way to distribute the weight. The bag will be hung using the hanger in the picture.  Methods I thught of  are:

1- lag bolt a 2x4 that spans 3 or 4 of the joists then attach the hanger to the 2x4,  either between two joists with bolts and nuts or directly under and into a joist with lags.    

2-  lag bolt a 2x4 in line with a joist and lag bolt the hanger into the 2X4 and joist.

What do you thinkk?

If the joists are to code (post #214629, reply #1 of 2)

If the joists are to code then probably you do not absolutely need any reenforcement, but I'd be inclined to use something similar to #1, though perhaps using cross-bracing or solid blocking between the joists rather than just a 2x4 lagged to the bottom.

Mainly you're trying to control "bounce".

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Screw a 2 X 4 across the (post #214629, reply #2 of 2)

Screw a 2 X 4 across the bottom of 4 floor joist and hang your bag in the middle. That will spread the load and reduce vibration upstairs.

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