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Hardie shingle panels

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Hardie shingle panels (post #216027)

So the boss has me re-cladding James Hardie panel shingles over stucco way up top. Strapped it with pt 1x4s into gable end studs @ approx 2' o/c. Then filled in the spaces to approximetly 1' o/c. There is a window in the middle of the gable end wall which I extended the trim on and repalced the sill. Basically every hardie shingle pannel is a custom cut. This now requires substantial face nailing; lots of little triangles up and down the roof line as well as squares below the window. For this small surface area I'm happy hand nailing bling roofing nails but still unsure about the areas that I have no choice but to face nail (hand nailing smaller hot dipped galvs are bending nails and breaking shingles). Thinking ss 18 or 15 gauge nails with some pl premium on the backside. Know that the situatiuon is not ideal. Such is life. Have looked over hardie instal guides enough to know they acknowlage "pin backs" but the gauge seems to be left to discression. Job will probably be done by the time I get feedback but I'm always trying to learn and get a little better. So if anyone has expearience in a similar situation I'd love to hear it.Thanks!

Wood is good!