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Help with hot water baseboard

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I have a section of hot water baseboard that I need to remove while remodeling.  I don't want to eliminate it.  Do i need to cut it out and reinstall?  The problem is that I need to tear out old wood paneling and hang drywall behind the baseboard.  Seems like a huge chore.

We can't see it from here.  (post #214520, reply #1 of 2)

We can't see it from here.  The baseboard could be the old stuff connected with galvanized iron piping, middle-aged stuff using copper piping, or the new kid on the block with plastic piping.  Each requires different techniques to remove and reinstall.

And there are several different configurations for the heaters themselves, in terms of how closely they hug the wall, how they are hung, etc.  Some are in a single unit, others in several pieces, where a backing is hung first, then the finned heater installed, then the front grille.

You need to describe it a little better, and possibly include a picture.

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Photo please (post #214520, reply #2 of 2)

Post a photo! My reply could go either way. That said, I typically remove obstructions. "If you want to know the end you need to go back to the beginning." Know what I mean?

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