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here is a nice groin vault hung with 1/2

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We finally got to hang this nice groin vault that we framed last december, it is 19 feet off the floor, an oval shaped barrel 45 feet long, with 5 oval shaped cross vaults, it had a major axis of 104 3/4", a minor axis of 79" and was a lot of fun to hang. A middle aged fat man, one college boy and a 14 year old hung it in about three days.

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Beautiful work, bb!


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Just a small request, do you have pictures of partway through?

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You mean like this?

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This kind of stuff is just fascinating! I would love to see the whole series and process. It all looks trickie!

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It is a farm house near Happy Texas, around 8000 ft i think, it is a remodel, and i am the ceiling sub.

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Absolutley amazing work. I'd be headscratching for days on that one.

Thanks for sharing!


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Excellent work. What type of corner bead will you use?

Chuck S

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live, work, build, ...better with wood

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I will be trying the no-coat 325 on the groins on this ceiling, I havent used it before but they sent me a box to try out, and it looks like a great product to me.

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Very nice. Is that a residence ? I wish more people could afford to build like that, makes the days more interesting.


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Man, that's the kind of job to dream about.

Fantastic - just fantastic.

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Nice work as usual Brisket.

Got any more pictures of that place, looks pretty cool.


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Nice work. Challenging work like that is what keeps me in the trade.

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I will never complain about doing drywall again.