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How to correctly apply EIFS

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I've just finished building a workshop and we've decided to finish the front gable in a tudor style look, and match the same gable on the house. Initially I considered stucco and cedar planks for the cross members, but EIFS was recommended due to the low maintenance aspect of this finish.

I've heard all the bad press from initial EIFS installations so I want to know the correct way to prepare and install the stuff. Here are the descriptions of two quotes:

  1. Installation of 1/2" styrofoam on top of existing tyvek-wrapped plywood; application of brown coat and fiber mesh on top of styrofoam; application of finish coat on top of brown coat; 1 year company warranty with 5 year manufacturer warranty.

  2. Installation of 1" expanded Polystyrene Insulation Board on top of existing tyvek-wrapped plywood; application of the Prep-Coat (Skim Coat); application of Reinforcing Fiber mesh (0040); appliation of Prep-Coat (Leveling Coat); application of Acrylic Stucco Coating; 3 year manufacturer's material warranty.

Does anyone know which of these is the best methods of application? Also, what impact does the thickness of the styrofoam/polystyerene board have (aside from insulation value, which doesn't concern me as these gables are over an attic space.

I am looking for a durable, maintenance free finish, Great Lakes region climate.

If anyone knows of a good FHB article on EIFS, let me know. I haven't seen one yet.

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Your best bet is to follow the recommendations of the manufacturer of whatever system you plan to use (Sto, Dryvit, etc.).  Since all the litigation began, they've gotten really good at providing thick books of required details for the installation of their products- several of them also require that you take a certification course to become an approved applicator- you can't buy the material without the certification.

So, pick a system, and do as they tell you.


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Good advice from Bob. Ask for system specs. from the product manufacturer. Some mfg. reguire thier systems to go over 30 lb. felt paper or the special "wrinkled " tyvek. Flashing details are really important with EIF. Ask both contractors for sytem and flashing details.


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Thank you. I appreciate it. I don't want to be another one of those people suing.

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Thx for the advice. I've checked out the same for Durock products and they spec. things out in detail. I think it makes perfect sense and I appreciate your suggestion.