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How to cut into hardwood floor for round elctrical outlet

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Electrical code requires placing a floor outlet within our nice oak hardwood floor. The outlet box provided by our elctrician is cast iron, round, just shy of 4 inches in diamenter. The brass cover is exactly the same diameter as the round box, leaving no room for a sloppy cut hole. The wire for the box is in the center of the area where the hole goes, so a hole saw will not work. What is the solution?


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Go to Hubbels web site and look at floor outlet boxes.  There is a trim ring that fits over the box for hardwood floor applications.  What your electrician gave you was for carpet or maybe concret (new pour) use.

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Dave has the solution. And I would probably trace the area first with the old ring and use a rotozip..easier to handle (three passes minimum) plus you can see the lines. Use magnets to find potentail nails that are hidden. Inspectors use small ones to learn about nailing patterns.

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Thank you Dave!