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How to transition from Concrete / Limestone step to side of home?

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I'm installing a patio in my back yard, and there needs to be a step from the living are of the home (sliding doors) to the patio below. The drop is around 16".  The step is going to be made out of concrete with a 2" Limestone cap for the tread. 

I'm running into one problem. There's currently a 2" x 12" piece of Hardie trim that covers the rim joist of my home. And according to Hardie, they will not let you pour concrete directly against it's trim board.

What is the proper way to transition from the concrete ( limestone capped ) step to the side of my home?

Replace your 1 X 12" Hardi (post #215993, reply #1 of 1)

Replace your 1 X 12" Hardi trim with PVC trim the same size then use  some Vycor to separate them.

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