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I know that when I've posted before on SIP construction some would suggest ICF as they have had good results with it. I do not know if this is just good results in the construction, or a combination of that plus some sort of performance benefits to the homeowner.

I remember seeing a show a few months back about Autoclaved Aerated Concrete and wondered what the ICF folks think about it.

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 From what I've read it doesn't have the same insulation properties that ICF's do. plus it's not readily available in all locations.

  Aside form those two issues, There is the difficulty of putting sheetrock etc. onto it as well as hanging cabinets.

 Plus it would be harder for electricians to install wiring or do plumbing.. I know a hole saw can be used it's just that  it is harder than cutting thru foam..

 I read with interest the article a few years back about using it and it does certainly have some merit.