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Insta-hot: fix it or replace it?

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We installed a In-sinkerator "insta-hot" water heater  in 2001 and now, four years later with low usage, the water has developed a funny smell.  The only way to describe it is a "sweet" smell, not unlike the smell you get from anti-freeze when its leaking in your car (and means an expensive heater core replacement).

It's not real strong, and surprisingly it doesn't seem to affect the taste of the water significantly, but.. well, it oughtn't to smell like that.

I contacted the InSinkerator hotline and they suggested draining the tank and letting it reheat -- 5 times -- and then call back if that didn't fix it.  Well, it fixed it for a day and then we were right back into the smell again.  I called back and got a different fellow who was generally un-helpful, "your warranty has expired, call service" -- right, call service for a $150.00 item....thanks.

Has anyone run across this and solved it without replacing the whole tank? 

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If your not getting that type of smell anywhere else, toss it.

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