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Install U shaped counter top

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Need to install a U shaped butcher block counter top in a pantry.  Requires 2 90 degree joints held by title joint hardware and glue.

thing is to big to assemble and move into to be assembled in place.  The hardware require access to the counter top bottom.  Unfortunately the corner cabinets have solid tops so access is limited

my current thinking is to assemble it on 5 gal. Buckets or blocks the somehow lower it to cab tops.

anybody have any experience with this type install

Five gallon buckets os going (post #214411, reply #1 of 2)

Five gallon buckets os going to put it at an awkward height for lifting and you woulf have to lifthe the entire top and have someone remove all the buckets before you could set the top down.

All you really need is room for your arm so it only needs to be four or six inches above the could do that with simple blocks with another advantage being then all you have to do is  lift and lower one side at a time.  Working blind is not a big deaand you can easiy get blocks out of the back corners just by going through the adjacent cabinet....five gallon buckets may not want to come out that way.


You might also consider tow straps placed at the nearest open top cabinet...that way when you go to remove the blocks in the back, you can hold the straps and pin the counter against you thighs/belly...otherwise you will have you fingers stuick in there trying to hold up the back while leaning forward...all the weight will be on your back and your arms versus putting the weight against your thighs and using your body weight as the leverage to hold it.

Put the blocks down to hold bot pieces.  reach under and put in the clamps....have a helper go through the open top cabinet and get the blocks while you hold it up with the tow strap...once the blocks are gone the helper takes the weightto pull out the tow strap....nobody loses a finger or wrecks their back

2x6s on edge should be more than enough....if you want more width so they wont tip then nail 2 pieces together.

U shaped counter top (post #214411, reply #2 of 2)

Got it done. Went very easy.  Built some 1x6 boxes and laid the pieces on them. Connected the three pieces and removed the boxes. A little hassle getting under to the bolts but not much. Would recommend this solution.