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install window w/ old aluminum siding

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hi all:

I am ordering new construction wood windows w/ aluminum clad (old frames are rusted steel and need to go). I don't want to replace old aluminum siding for a few years.

If the new exterior clad casing extends beyond the point where the old brickmold and old siding meet, is it easy to pull off the old aluminum trim ( J channel, I think its called); then cut back the siding a 1/2 inch or so; then reinstall the old aluminum J channel?

The top of the windows are above the siding so I am not so concerned about them.

I realize that this may not make much sense, so please help me understand the transition from casing to alumunim siding.

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it would be difficult to remove the old aluminum J- channel with damaging it. I would rip out the old J- channel, cut your aluminum back where  you need to, then slip in new pieces of vinyl J- channel. You can put aluminum J-channel back but you would have to make that on a brake. Vinyl J-channel you can get at home depot is like $4 for a 12 foot piece. It will look nice, I've done this a million times.........Good Luck

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new clad windows and aluminum siding....sounds like 22" spinners on a Kia.

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"22" spinners on a Kia"

That's so accurate ... rest assured I will replace the siding in the future. The windows alone are going to kill the budget.

And thanks Craigabooey for the good idea. Now I need to find vinyl J-channel that the wife thinks matches the windows. I assume you can't paint the vinyl J-channel?

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I never heard of anyone having any luck painting vinyl J-channel, but you can get in all kinds of colors at siding yards. Good Luck!

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Doncha wish your girlfriend was hot like me?

It's not too late, it's never too late.

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                 I'm at work now and I bet if I go stand outside for ten minutes.......................... I'll see a Kia with 22" spinners.

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So, do you work in the barrio or the getto where such things are more common?

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 My office is in one of the Less than desireable neighborhoods in Philadelphia.  Just about once a year someone gets shot or stabbed or otherwise has a bad day on or adjacent to our property.

 The only real draw to being stationed there is that the Housing allowance is $1650 a month plus a $200 a month cost of living adjustment.

  At my last duty station it was a straight $1100 a month.

 This evenig on the way home I saw Lincoln that had been lowered so low, when they tried to pull in for gas it got hung up on the rear Bumper. It had spinners.

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