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jend-weld products

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Archy specd jend-weld windows and doors, any thought's

for or against. 7 figure job in weston ct, fairfield county

new constrution. thanks, Dave

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Before I retired I was their lawyer in CT. Jeld Wen was sued by Condo owners in a complex near Bridgeport because most windows in the complex leaked air and water. Upon investigating it was determined clearly that the condo builder's sub improperly installed the windows: All flashing was completely missing. Most windows neither plumb nor square in their rough openings.

Nevertheless, Jeld Wen stood behind their product 100%. Sent a couple of factory techs to work on every window with a complaint without charge. And they double checked all the others. I wanted to fight the claim believing we could win hands down. But, the company said no.

To their credit, Jeld Wen declined to follow my advice and went ahead and did the work. Took nearly a week. Labor, transportation, motels, meals, etc.  All absorbed by Jeld Wen, no charge to the condo owners or the condo association.

No complaints from the condos since - it's been several years now.

My impression: Quality products and, better yet, quality people who stand behind their products. Seems to be a rare combination these days.


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I like Jeld-Wen,  I install them on all my houses I frame.  Had a problem recently with the RO being the same size as the window.  Called the company and told them about the problem,  they sent a rep out that day and he cut a check  for $100 a RO to fix the openings. 

Good product and great service thats why I put them in my own palace.

I only golf on days that end with a "Y".

Matt- Woods favorite carpenter. 

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Sorry I got the name wrong ,Jeld Wen. Thanks for the info

on support, I'm looking for something that will please My

clients, and I  just don't find that in windows or doors.

I can spend half My time either adjusting hardware or jambs

(install problems), just want to supply and install the best

products so everyone is happy.