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Kayu Batu Hardwood

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Kayu Batu Hardwood (post #207028)

When building a deck or fence in Calgary, the choice of wood is most important. Not only should it look good, it should also be durable and be able to withstand different temperature and moisture levels. Kayu Batu Hardwood meets all these requirements, and is an affordable and proven performer. An equally important decision is your choice of builder. It is important to hire an expert in building with Kayu Batu. Too Cheap to Pay for an ad Company reference removed are specialists in building with Kayu Batu.

Kayu Batu is a high quality, luxurious wood for building decks, fences and soffits. It has been used in cruise ships and boats for ages due to its strength, beauty and durability. Here are some of the pros of using Kayu Batu wood as deck or fence material:

  • Easy to work with, care for and maintain
  • Less expensive than other high-end decking materials such as Ipe
  • Soft to walk on barefoot
  • Can last for more than 20 years with or without staining
  • Has natural fire resistance
  • Extremely hard and strong—not susceptible to splits and cracks like pine and cedar
  • Has a deep and rich texture and appearance, which you can maintain by simply using a quality oil finish
  • Exotic and elegant—use Kayu Batu in a private home, restaurant, condo, penthouse, and even in your backyard
  • Resistant to decay, insects and fungal attacks, making it great for use in climates, including tropical areas
  • Harvested from countries with ecological and sustainable forestry practices
  • When left bare, the wood develops an attractive and charming silvery tone
  • Offers natural beauty that lasts years to come

Here are some of the cons of using Kayu Batu wood as your choice of material:

  • It is not zero maintenance material
  • Extremely hard and difficult to use with saw blades
  • Susceptible to cracking if not handled carefully during the building process

Kayu Batu is the best choice of wood for your deck if you want a quality, luxurious deck on a budget. It is ideal for outdoor projects that demand the best material. Its extreme durability makes it a great choice for boardwalks, decking, fencing and bridges.

If you want your deck or fence to last long for years, Kayu Batu wood is your best option in terms of price and performance. It is important to select an expert builder to build and install your shameless link removed or fence.

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Do you have any pictures of this material in use?


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