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Lean-to flashing

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I am adding a lean-to to an existing metal building.  The roof of the lean-to will be metal as well.  The roof pitch will be 1/12.  What is the best way to flash the wall to roof connection?

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the metal supplier I deal with will provide appropriate flashing design/material for such situations -

you are attaching the ledger for the lean-to to the frame of the building and not attaching it over the existing metal?




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The best flashing detail would let the head flashing in under the metal siding of the existing.

But some metal buildings use the siding metal as an integral part of the structural design of the building and cutting in there would seriously weaken the structure. So first thing is to know what you currently have and how that manufacturer recommends doing this.



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You need die form flashing to match the new metal....probably.

I dont know your exact application.

Are you tying in to the roof?

Is it the same pitch or different?

Tying into a side wall?


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