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Looking for feedback on DriCore panel system over concrete floor

varch's picture

Has anyone used this material? We are converting a garage to a dwelling.  The existing conc slab is in good shape, apperars level and without cracks, but slopes to a floor drain at the center. We are looking at DriCore panel system.  Check it out online at DriCore,

This project is in Colorado, w/ low relative humidity, Building will not have air conditioning. We haven't seen wet spots in the garage, but did have a flood a few years ago that almost made thru the door.

It seems as if the DriCore system might work for us. It is a t&g sandwich made up of vapor barrier topped by a layoer of insulation topped by a OSB layer.  The bottom is waffled to create a 1/4" air space underneath and around the perimeter at the walls, Extra venting can be obtained by cutting and placing 3"x10" vents along the perimeter,  So our fairly dry slab can breath with the weather, can vent to the usable space -- so no hidden mold or rot.  Since panels are not glued of tarred, if we do have a flood, panels can be pulled out and replaced. 

Our area is 20'x30'.  Would value your ffedback.