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Looking for Hucks 4x4 roof cuttin lesson

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im looking for that article and cant for the life of me find it,  i wanted to read it and try to work it out in my own hands/head. 

anyone have a link or a name of the article?

Woods favorite carpenter


Woods favorite carpenter

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Took me awhilie to realize what Joe and Blue are referring to - but I think I see  now the question you're addressing - the angles show in green are identical.  They follow the same (in other words, parallel) line of cut, with the saw set at the identical bevel.  The dotted line is the center of the hip, also the edge of the model.

(picture got added twice, sorry about that)


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hip_end_at_fascia_miter_2.jpg24.22 KB
hip_end_at_fascia_miter_2_2.jpg24.22 KB

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Thanks Huck,  I'll take care of this.

I don't know if I can make blind men see, but I'm going to try anyway.

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Hey if you want to see a blind man look in the mirror, but wait, that's an oxymoron. So if you're blind, ysool.

The angle highlighted in green is the saw bevel angle which is the same for both cuts.

The cut line of the hip and the cut line of the fascia are different. They might look the same in the graphic, but that's simply because of the angle of the view.

If you look at them both in plan, they are different.

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I can see just fine, …and really man…. you’re kind’a ugly.  Can you do something about that?  Maybe some dark shades would help. Lol  (Stevie…)


No disrespect intended, the banter has been all in jest. 


I really love ya man!  But don’t try to make me like you, it ain’t go’na happen.  =)


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So, Mr Hot Pepper, tell me more about that block.

You showed it on the right side jack. Would it work on the left side jack?

Is anybody out there? 

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and really man…. you’re kind’a Fugly. Can you do something about that? Nope, not even some dark shades would help. Lol (Stevie…)

Fugly, it's all in good fun lol.

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Hey man, framing gave me big round shoulders. That stuff slides right off.


And you could be right about the dark glasses too.  Every time I open this thread there’s that photo of you accosting my retina like a welder’s arc.  It hurts so bad I have to close my eyes so I won’t really go blind.   Please take it away? 


Oh, and I looked up Fugly and just about went blind again.  Full page of you ...welder’s arcs out the kazoo.  Lol =)


Make it go away…..

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This explains it all.

This is the block tucked in the corner where it fits.


Thanks for the pic.


hip_end_at_fascia_miter_3.jpg44.91 KB

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Now we are getting somewhere!

Is anybody out there? 

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That illustration is the best graphic displayed so far. I'm going to open both Hucks pic (of his block) and your graphic and I think I'll be able to have an intelligent conversation about this topic now.

Remember, we are not all geniuses. Some of us have to work hard at seeing and understanding this stuff.

Is anybody out there? 

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I would also recommend printing out and constructing the paper model I posted. 


“A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”


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Yes, thats the miter I've been asking about. Now, if you've answered it, I have to go back to the beginning of this thread to find it.

Is anybody out there? 

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I have been following your thread, and like many I was lost.

After seeing your first video, I finally 'got it'.

My problem was I could not 'see' that the top of your block was a little mini mock up of a portion of the actual roof.

I was thinking that others may get it easier, if you put two of your blocks together to show the  'mini mock up' from one hip rafter to the other, and then pull your first block away to show the common rafter and the angles.

Just my thoughts, keep up the good work.


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I'm waiting for you guys to post videos.  I've been slow in picking this up and frankly just don't have the time right now to go through it.

I thought it was great though that last video, did you see what your video is "related" to ;-)


That is cracking me up.

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It was related to all boring stuff for me. What was it related to for you?

Is anybody out there? 

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a bunch of hip hop stuff. 

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I don't know the difference between visceral and tactile but I know this: some people learn things faster than me.

I also know that I can explain things to some people and the same explanation doesn't help others.

I liked the idea of having that big chunk of lumber with all the angles and cuts marked on it but I guess it doesn't exist. The video didn't clear anything up for me. It did raise a few more questions but I don't know how to ask them, without causing a stir, so I'll let it die.

Is anybody out there? 

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" I made and posted a video that specifically addresses your (and Joe's) questions."

Ahh...maybe I'm understanding why we are having a hard time with this. I was under the assumption that this was all that was needed based on the pictorial. There were five pics in there that explained things. I didn't realize that I had to watch a video somewhere. I haven't seen the video yet and therefore I'm still hazy about all this. If I wasn't so lazy, I'd dig out my framing square and reconcile all the ratios myself.

Is anybody out there? 

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I don't see "rake/fascia" miter either.

Is anybody out there? 

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I'm not trying to bust anyones bells, I just am saying that if there were a few more labels, the thing would make more sense to more people.

Is anybody out there? 

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I know Huck.


It’s more about the geometry than the math…  skipping the hoop jumping.


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I edited post #22. 


The cuts to the remaining portion of the block to model the other side would be:  (?  correct me if I’m wrong)


1)      The first 90 deg cut is along the same line plumb line of the original cut from the same face.


2)      The second 90 deg cut is off the newly created face and gives us the plane of the adjacent facsia.



3)      The third 90 cut is along the level eave line on the fascia plane and gives us our roof plane for the other pitch.


Those cut may be tricky to perform with a circular saw. 


If your run fascia square to one side and ‘relative’ to the other (sensibly), then the fascia miter would be solved as if it were a regular hip.  There would be some interesting fascia thickness factors involved in getting the fascias in plane and meeting at the corner.  I would probably just do a full scale overlay tails detail drawing for solving that.