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Looking for the SLAT divider for dishes? Not sure what it is called...

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I have some old cupboards and I wanted to insert one of those dividers for dishes - and I can't seem to find what they are called - sort of like Ikea cupboards with the dish dividers built in.  The plates would be resting vertically, rather than horizontally?  I tried HDepot and no luck as well as a few other home outfitter type stores.  I thought maybe they might have different sizes, but they have the metal/wire ones only.


Any help is appreciated.

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Here.................... (post #207070, reply #1 of 3)

and one you can tackle.




sorry, still haven't gone out to the shop in search of that closet rod bracket.................

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Went through this on a (post #207070, reply #2 of 3)

Went through this on a kitchen remodle last year. When the dish rack finally arrived the dishes wouldn't fit. I was out of time so bought some dowels and made a custom rack in about 2 hours that fit perfectly and he;d dishes and was very easy to make and I'd do it again the next time I needed one.

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Thank you.  I actually found (post #207070, reply #3 of 3)

Thank you.  I actually found one used on Kijiji and now going to hand off the project to my father to build another one.

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