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Menards Trusses Quality

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Does anyone have any experience with Menards trusses (Midwest Manufacturing)? I can get them quite a bit cheaper than from a traditional lumber yard. Just curious if the quality suffers because of the low price, or if they are fairly well built trusses. The trusses are custom built 30' clear span, not something off the shelf.

Thank you in advance

Delivery (post #216493, reply #1 of 13)

Be sure to compare the delivered costs. 

jd (post #216493, reply #2 of 13)

Does Menards have a truss plant?  Truss plants don’t grow on trees.

Depending on your market area, it’s possible the come from the same place.  The quality question is variable, they’re either good or bad as would be the reputation.



I googled Midwest and see that Menards is the parent company.  So, I’d ask bldrs oppinions in your area..

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Menards is a reputable (post #216493, reply #3 of 13)

Menards is a reputable outfit, definitely not fly-by-night.  They've been in business in this neck of the woods for 45 years that I know of -- one of the first "home centers".  As to how good their trusses are, though, I can't say.

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Trusses are pretty simple. (post #216493, reply #4 of 13)

Trusses are pretty simple. I've never heard of a bad truss although no doubt it happens. Pretty much all trusses are custom. I doubt Menards make them but they are probably made by a truss plant somewhere nearby. As some one else mentioned make sure of delivery costs. 

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A truss is a truss is a truss. (post #216493, reply #5 of 13)

Trusses are engineered to certain minimium standards. The lumber is graded; the hardware is all the same; they are built on an assembly line type basis. I can't see how one truss would be any better than another. 

I can see how, maybe (post #216493, reply #6 of 13)

Lumber grading is not an exact science, often times I see #2 syp that is crap. A couple of my local suppliers quit carrying #2 syp and only sell #1 syp framing lumber because they were eating too much of it..  The quick growth loblolly that comprises most of the syp supply is very often pathetic for framing lumber, though still o.k. for cd plywood.  I've wondered if that was part of the floor joist spans being made  a bit stricter a few years ago?

 I think usually trusses spec out with #2 syp so I could see where it could be an issue. And some truss plants turn out better work than others. A truss manufacturer can easily be as small as a mom and pop outfit in these parts and I have seen the smallest  one do the best looking work. 

I've never laid hands on a Menards truss so this comment is only a side bar to the original post. And they would have every reason to only handle responsible trusses, for that matter imagine the liability potential for any negligent truss maker. Brrrrr.....


Grading (post #216493, reply #8 of 13)

You're absolutely right about lumber grading, but I can't imagine a truss company sorting through lumber. They're going to depend on the grade. 

Ron can correct me if wrong, (post #216493, reply #9 of 13)

Ron can correct me if wrong, but cannot conceive of a COMPETENT truss mfg not sorting lumber to some degree. . 

For instance, I have gotten #1  2x6s  with 2" dia knots near the ends.  No problem for a joist or stud. 

But in a truss tension member, that 2" knot is close to a 40% reduction instrength! 

Sort of sorting (post #216493, reply #10 of 13)

I always have to reject certain sticks of wood when framing. They almost always end used for something, usually blocking. But I wouldn't claim to sort my lumber. If i order a higher grade than 2 or better I make sure that all the lumber is that grade.

You said: "I can't imagine a (post #216493, reply #11 of 13)

You said: "I can't imagine a truss company sorting through lumber."

I can't imagine why you'd say that.


Of course we sort through lumber.  We get bad stuff just like anyone else.

Some of it we cut down.  Like a 10' board with a bad end we might cut 4' off and throw the good part in with the 6' web stock.

When you're running the saw and cutting 8' boards into maybe a 7' 2" web, you set the good end of the board agains the stop so that the worst end gets the most cut off.  Just like a framer would do when cutting studs down to use as cripples.

Bad boards get set aside and cut down for things like floor truss blocks.

Lumber is the biggest expense of a truss plant by a wide margin. So we can't afford to waste a lot.

looks to me like.. (post #216493, reply #12 of 13)

Conscious lumber sorting is a big part of the difference I've seen between good and not so products.  This is not rocket surgery but requires good employees, alert and trained.


Re: truss company sorting... (post #216493, reply #13 of 13)

I visited the truss plant boss hog works at and saw the cutting operation up close.  The operation was similar to good production framing.  Quick sighting of the sticks and flipping to orient the offcut seemed to be the system.  Not the slow constantly flipping and sighting you might see at a box store......but the systematic movement of experienced help.

When it’s said that there are varying degrees of quality operations around, on that I’ll agee.  Over the years I could fill a heck of a file on who to do and not do business with......

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I've been in the truss (post #216493, reply #7 of 13)

I've been in the truss business most years since the 1980s.  Dealt with most all of the big box stores.   IMHO quality and service at Menards sucks.  I avoid doing business with them when at all possible.

BTW -  The vast majority of trusses are built to order.  A 30 span is nothing.


Someone brought up quality.  Truss plants vary widely in the quality they send out the door.  It's best to ask around locally to see who builds decent stuff and who doesn't.

If you're pricing different places, ask for a drawing of the truss.  One place might put in fewer webs in order to save money. 

The lumber might also vary.  One place might use the lowest grades possible, while another one will use better lumber.


If you tell us where you're located, someone might be able to point you to a place they can recommend.