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Metal Siding/Ceiling in a Shop Building

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Happy Days!! I'm about to get my first real shop . . . a 30' X 40', with 12' ceilings.

And I have two questions: first, there is already metal corrugated siding on the building, but no interior finish. And, I'm wondering how to seal the eaves, but still have ventilation into the attic through the soffitt vents. The corrugations on the siding would allow bats, bugs, etc. to crawl straight up into the attic area if I don't put some kind of blocking between the trusses, above the top plates. And, I don't want the blown insulation I am going to put above the ceiling to fill my soffits. What kind of blocking works best for this? And second, I'm going to install a corrugated metal ceiling right away, and blow insurlation above it. Should I tack up a vapor barrier to the bottom chords of the trusses before I put up the metal? Thanks, in advance, to anyone who responds. Redleg Shovel.

You're trying to make a boat (post #203476, reply #1 of 2)

You're trying to make a boat out of a screen door.

Check with the siding supplier (post #203476, reply #2 of 2)

There's usually a mating "filler" made for all those up's and downs.


Problems arise with the cold metal sweating when the warm moist heat makes it's way to the roof metal.

Don't know how an insulated metal " ceiling" would react.

The blocking for the trusses can be acheived with the plastic/foam  channels that you use to allow air movement from soffit up to roof vent in residential construction. 

Make  up a template (don't know the centers of your trusses) that allows a snug fit to the styro baffles and allows you to fasten (somehow) to whatever you have at the wall line (between the trusses) .   Foam those blocks (made out of plywood/osb) at the ends and along the baffles for a relatively airtight seal.

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