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Microlam vs hanger size puzzle.

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My engineer specified a 5-1/2 x 7-1/4 Microlam beam supported by Simpson  WNP608 joist hangers. All the suppliers I've checked say Microlam only comes in 1-3/4" thickness so we would sister 3 pieces. That makes 5-1/4" x 7-1/4". I thought the engineer made a typo but then there is the hanger. It's pocket is 5-1/2" wide. Neither Simpson or USP seem to make a 5-1/4" hanger. I would think the hanger makers and engineered lumber people would be in sync on this. What am I missing?


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Quick google search showed GP has micro at 3 1/2 in. wide.

This means your supplier needs to go looking, or you contact engeneer to find out manufactoror

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confirm the dimension with archy, then hanger with simpson, allot of the hangers they make in a range of widthes, you just specify what you want ..

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If your engineer specified a one piece at 5-1/2" wide microlam, then you have to use a one piece 5-1/2" microlam. Your lumberyard is useless, find a real one. Every lumberyard sells 3-1/2 and bigger.You can't just replace it with (3)1-3/4" microlams because they carry a different load than a one piece microlam. Call the engineer first before you order these. It might be alright if you have a dropped beam compared to a flush beam with joist hanging off the beam.

Joe Carola

Joe Carola

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i'm pretty confident that his yard is correct that the brand name "Microllam LVL" from Weyerhauser only comes in 1 3/4" thickness

anything thicker than that is "Parallam PSL" also from Weyerhauser


carpenter in transition

carpenter in transition

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I'd be confident to say that the engineer is going to be comfortable using a built up system of three lvls, but you should double check that and get a nailing pattern.

Typically, if you built up three of these lvls and tried to jamb them into a 5.25" hanger, you'd have a "too tight" fit. I know....the numbers say there will be a 1/4" slop but experience has proven that to be not true.

Your 5.5" hanger will be perfect for a 3 ply built up lvl beam.

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