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Ok, I'm not going to do this...... But what would be wrong if I did it.... Ledger to Rim Joist question

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Hello all,


What is wrong with just having all my deck joist hangers (and then joists) just attached directly to my exposed  rim joist and not adding a ledger to attach it to?


I can see in many cases if its a single 2x Rim Joist that wouldn't seem like enough "thickness" to hang all that load upon and adding a Ledger thickens and stiffens up that interface quite a bit. 


~BUT~  in my case I have 3 (Three) 2x10's for my Rim/Band Joist all the way around my house (its there because its the full support for 8" solid wall Log Cabin I am building).   It seems ~plenty~ thick to support the 6' & 8' porches/deck I am putting around it and what would the ledger add to all this, since its already 3 deep 2x10's ?.


Now don't get me wrong, I am going to be adding a double thick 2x8 ledger all the way around (thats what the plans call for and the Log Cabin kit includes the materials anyway).  Seems like massive overkill (as I have noticed with many things in the design - which is GREAT to me!) but I was just wonder what people that do this a lot think  -- I mean if I can flash and protect the 3 deep 2x Band/Rim Joists well and protect from moisture whats the difference of attached the deck dircetly to that (other than all those nail holes from joist hangers all in my  Band/Rim Joists


Tom - Building my own cabin - please be gentle with me ;-)


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The connection between the ledger and rim joist is often overlooked by building officials, etc.  You are wise to give it more than casual consideration.  The ledger should be through-bolted, preferably to the floor joist, which are part of a diaphram system created by you floor decking.  See the attached file for some applications, the pic on page one, upper left is a good example of achieving a good connection.


Good Luck,

Gary- Research and Development


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You are right - there is (post #207057, reply #2 of 2)

You are right - there is plenty of strength without a ledger.  However, the ledger is normally a good idea since decks rot away and it's easier to keep that from the rim if it's a separate unit. 

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