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out swing door over steps

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I am building a sunporch ,I want to install a 32'' glass storm door that will of course swing out over the  steps with the last step being 7'' below threshold of door, the porch is atatched to the house, my question is  can I use a 32'' door or does it have to be 36'' and can it swing out over the steps as I have described.  thanks in advance for any help. I cant seem to contact any one from my building dept,

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Seems awkward and perhaps dangerous if you live in a snowy climate, to have the door swing out over the steps.  I can imagine trying to juggle groceries and children and perhaps slipping on the steps, while trying to open the door.  I also think most exterior doors must always swing into the house.

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ok I found what I was looking for UBC 97. 1003.3.1.6 floor level at doors.under exceptions 1.3 screen doors and storm doors may swing over stairs,steps or landings. thanks again for all your input.this project is for one of the old timer navy guys that brought back that LST-325 from greece and made national news, you might recall seeing the picture of him saluteing the flag back in jan 2001

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Don't know where you're located but around here a 32" door is fine but I would build a 4'x3' platform not a step, it's much safer, more safe , whatever, sounds like I oughta work at HD.

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Around here you can use the 32" door but code will not allow you to swing a door over steps, has to have landing, check your code, if you have any.


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Ditto all the others about installing a  landing. ditto Miss Bonnie about seeming awkward and that most residential structures require the door to swing inward, not outwards. Commercial stores swing outwards, but for good codes. A swarm of people trying to escape a burning building are, in a panic, going to trap themselves if the door opens inwards instead of out.

I don't think you need worry about that. Build the landing or else change the swing of the door. As for the size of the door, 32 is acceptable.  But, I'd make it as large as possible. You are going to have to move furniture into that sunroom aren't cha?



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I was told 4 years ago from a building inspector that the minimum landing depth and width should be the width of the door.  I hopes this is still accurate.  If not, some one will correct me... like always

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As others have noted, a landing (no step down), is code. 

Install an outswing door if you want, but keep in mind, they're more vulnerable to weather penetration around the jamb and weather seals, so if this is on the exposed-to-the-weather side of the house,  it will serve you best if protected by a porch or some kind of overhang.

IMO, an outswing exterior door is a configuration of last resort.



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thank you all for your replys . this room will be used as a green house and  I just want to put a glass storm door on which has to swing out like all storm doors do,I cant build the landing I dont have the space .I will change out the door if I must, thanks again