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Paint on clear finish

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I am looking for a clear finish for an exterior wood door. I came across this article that basically says to use untinted paint base that dries clear.

Does anyone have an opinion on whether this actually works and would it be better than a product like sikkens?

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Thank you,  I've been a user of UVSparVarnish from Helmsman for quite some time-on customers doors.  While I have gone back to a few and they were still nice, there is a pair of church doors that are failing after 5 yrs (these the refinish shop finished-I've no idea what was applied).

I may give this method you posted a try.



Sikkens-several yrs ago our volunteers of our Friends group for the local Metropark, refinished then coated alot of treated bench boards.  The prior finish (which I am assuming was a Sikkens product-the park seemed to use their coatings solely) had peeled.  We did a two part process-a stain then sealer, to the refurbished benches.  Either they are lasting or they have been redone and I haven't noticed. 

This year I used both an oil and also a waterbased exterior stain  from Sikkens-on siding.  I hope to hannah that they last-I liked the application of the oil better than the waterbased, except for the heavy fumes.  Since I did two different sides in the two products I might be able to decide on which has more life down the road.  The oil is no longer available in Ohio due to the voc ratings.  I could import but not through shipping from an out of state company.

thanks again.

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Cetol (post #207464, reply #2 of 2)

I use Cetol Window and Door.

The thing I love about it is that to recoat, you just clean the door up and re-apply. No need to strip to bare wood. I usually do a very light scuff sanding "just because". I've used the clear Cetol alone, and clear over the mahogany-tinded Cetol.

I usually do three coats for new wood. 3-5 years protection depending on sun exposure. When a retouch is needed, one coat will do.

I'm not big on finishes, but I love the stuff.

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