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Piers and Beams for Small Cottage

RobToronto's picture

Hey everyone,

I am planning a 30 x 15 bunkie facing east on rocky soil an a steep slope. Ontario shield so may have to drill and rebar. My question is regarding the piers and sub floor. Cosidering the narrow and small nature of the bunkie (30 degree lean to roof) I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction. Specifically: How many piers? How far apart? I am planning on 2x10s (triple) for my beams and 12"diameter sono tube quickcrete from rock to 1 foot above grade. PT lumber for posts. Grouund is near level for back posts so maybe able to build on raised blocks at back of property will tie in to rock all the same though. 6 or 9 posts? Thanks guys, appreciate all feedback, I'm new here. Perhaps a crude drawing would help?