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Plasterer Flipped Out

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I recently put Blue Board up on my garage walls and figured I would try to save the plasterer time buy doing the seams with mesh tape and "Hot Mud' 45 minute compound. When the plasterer came to look at my garage for the estimate he said that I actually caused him more work and that he didnt know if the plaster would stick to the joint compound and that it may allow the joints to come loose when he applys the wet plaster.  I did some research and found an article on this site

"We tape the blueboard seams with a high-strength setting type joint compound (hot mud) and paper tape." Nothing resists seam cracks, as well and this is recommended under rapid drying conditions or when the framing is of steel construction. Self-sticking fiberglass tape is an acceptable method of treating the seams. All-purpose joint compounds should never be used for joints under plaster. It offers less strength and will soften again when the wet plaster is applied."


My question is should the plasterer use a plaster weld over my seams or is it okay to apply plaster directly over the HotMudJoints.?

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Skim coat plaster over (post #206987, reply #2 of 4)

Skim coat plaster over blueboard isn't done around here, but I think if there's any doubt about the plaster sticking, it wouldn't hurt

to use the plaster weld. Consider it cheap insurance.

Which setting compound did you use? DuraBond is stronger than EZSand, but both are plenty strong for joints. I seriously doubt wet plaster would cause either of them to come loose.

OTOH, if you want the plasterer to warantee his work, go with what he recommends, unless you can convince him differently.

I used the EZ Sand. (post #206987, reply #3 of 4)

I used the EZ Sand.