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Pre-finished 3/4" Flooring for Porch Ceiling

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I am going too be using 3-1/2" x 3/4" prefinished oak flooring for the ceiling of a new porch.  The rafters will be 16" oc.   To minimize waste, rather than installing so that all the end joints are on the rafters I'm going to not worry about where the joints occur.  If they are not over a rafter I will glue the end toungue and groove.  No one is going tot be walking on the ceiling so I'm not worried about the strength of the joint.

Do you see any possible problems with this approach?

I've installed several hardwood floors using the same material.  Is there anything I should pay particular attention to when installing this as a ceiling?  

Thanks for any advice,


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I don't see a problem other than maybe  the exposure  to the moisture / humidity of an exterior installation. If installed tight like flooring, buckinging could be of concern. Might think about letting it acclimate to the exterior conditions.

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I'm thinking what oops said about the moisture content.  If the flooring was dried to 6-8% and you installed it out under the porch in these parts it would be a recipe for disaster. Seems reasonable leave it out on the porch for a month or more to acclimate. I don't know your climate but around here outdoor wood will go to 12-15% m.c. I wouldn't worry about glueing the end joints but it wouldn't hurt except for dealing with squeeze out.