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Prep for semi-transparent stain on cedar clapboards

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I am using a Paint Shaver to remove all the solid stain from my house.  Since I will be left with bare wood, I want to then use a semi-transparent stain.   I've never used semi-transparent stain and have some prep questions.   What is the best way to fill nail holes in the siding?  Also, can the stain be applied to bare wood or do I need to do something before staining?  Lastly, how quickly should the stain be applied after the bare wood is exposed?  Does it matter if it is a few days to a week or so before the siding is stained?



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You need to follow manufacturer guidelines. Asking the sales rep in the paint isle is not the best course. Call the 800 number of the paint manufacturer and ask specific questions. That being said I just used a semi transparent oil based (Benjamin Moore) stain on my cedar shingled house. The wood was left exposed for 6 months and I did no prep. End product looks great and I'm hoping for 5 years before I need to re-coat.