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Raising the Floor

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Hope I got the correct area.  I've solid (3/4 in) oar floor over 2 layers of 3/8 in subfloor, floated over a concrete slab, total height of 1-1/2 in.  I plan on laying 712 sq-ft of stone tile at 7/16 in.  I did two small rooms with a mud deck, that and the thin set, I was able to get the 1-1/2 in to match up with the wood.  But mud decks arrre tough!  Small romms, 30 to 40 sq-ft was tough enough, now I've got 380 sq-ft areas to lay.  So I came here hoping for any ideas to overlay the slab level to make up the 1-1/16 in.  I thought of backerboard, but read where it's not recommended as a floor underlayment.  Any help would be much appreciated - I ain't looking forward to pounding in that much mud!

How about Gypcrete? Fast, not (post #207126, reply #1 of 3)

How about Gypcrete? Fast, not too expensive and will level the floor to boot.

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By the way, what would be the (post #207126, reply #2 of 3)

By the way, what would be the costs for using this? I think PVA would also be of good help.

By the way Jim (post #207126, reply #3 of 3)

What's PVA?

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