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Ranch entry design

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I'm asking for creative ideas. I want to desing something functional and attractive for this drab ranch. The design must address an important consideration: the accumulation of rain water and ice on the entry stoop. The problem is compounded by a nearby tree (branch visible)  that constantly sheds twigs and small leaves into the gutters, clogging them. Gutter cleaning is done regularly but still the problem persists. Leaf guard is not the answer because more than gutter funtion is at stake.

My idea is the build a low wall on the outside edge of the walkway. I might line it with brick  or stucco it, and cap it with stone. Perhaps the wall will be in two levels. From the wall secured 6x6 cedar posts, say, 6' apart, rise upward and support a cedar beam. Decor hardware will join thing together rather nicely. Across this beam I envision laying 2x6 rafters that fit under the gutter. I might take the gutter off!  These rafters will be slightly sloped. And on top of the rafters I propose to lay a corrugated type of sheet roofing. Looks is an issue. I might lay pieces of sheet roofing between the rafters, so that they do their work but don't take away from the overall appearance. The design will hopefully look attractive and keep winter's ice from accumulating at the front door.   You thoughts are welcome. Too bad I can't offer you a beer :) Go! Thanks.

Mel Fros