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Redoing stair treads, risers and skirtboards

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 Hi everyone, 


First post to the forum here.  My good friend has asked for some help in cladding/capping his stair treads, risers and installing new skirtboards and railing.  Now I've capped a number of risers and treads in the past with no problems, I've never had to install a skirt board after the stair stringers have been installed.  So the drywall was done by the previous homeowner, and he buried the stringers in drywall, which almost makes this easier as the entire length of the stringer is flush with drywall, making capping it with a skirtboard that much easier.  I'm just curious what you would do in this situation (see pictures), I'm trying to hide the horrendous drywall patching job as you can see, I'm just worried that the right skirtboard that runs on the wall will be wider than the skirtboard on the open end, unless I make them the same, and add some additional material on the open end, prior to adding the railing.


I'm just looking for any advice on how a seasoned stair guy would tackle this project, he's buying plywood maple treads and risers, and I'll have to build some larger treads for the winding stairs.


Thanks for any help, it is much appreciated!



Looks like a lot of cardboard (post #216058, reply #1 of 1)

Looks like a lot of cardboard stencil work.