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Removing old pipe dope?

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What is an easy way to remove old hardened pipe dope from black pipe threads so that I can install new fittings?  A wire brush is not working very well.  I have some solvents around the house I could try?



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If it's hardened, how about a wire wheel on an angle grinder?

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Dont pay it any attention. I doubt there is any left where the threads were used . If it is it will break loose easily.



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Propane torch.  Warm it and then wire brush it.  It will clean up like new.  DanT

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I considered using a heat gun, but I want to be safe.  The pipe is part of the house system, which will be shut off and permitted to vent for 15 minutes or so, but I am still weary of using an open flame.


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I just gently chase the threads with a die.  It'll clean up little nicks and burrs in addition to the hardened gunk. 



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-- J.S.


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Angle grinder?  A bigger mess than I was hoping for.

Leave it alone?  I like it, anyone concur?

Torch?  Maybe on a bench top, but I am weary about using it on a pipe that is already a part of the system.

Die?  Don't have one, and I don't think I could turn one in the limited space that it is currently installed.


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No die? no biggie

Use a coupling to chase the threads.

Personally I just leave it on there & put more on when joining the to pieces.

All pipe dope is, is a lubricant so the tapered threads don't bind when tightening.

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Dies are 2" square for 1" and under NPT.  Turning by hand is all it takes. 



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-- J.S.